***We have a limited ability to troubleshoot calls while using Skype due to the proprietary nature of Skype technology. We can however offer you suggestions on how to improve your Skype call performance.


If calls are being dropped or have any degradation in sound quality please check the following is true:

-I have High speed Internet (Cable Modem/DSL/T1/ATT U-VERSE or another Broadband connection).

-I am not using Wi-Fi or Wireless Signal. My ethernet cord is plugged into my modem or router,  and also into my computer.

-I have minimized household usage on Internet for multiple users and gamers when using Skype to Host.

-I have ensured that my CPU usage is within normal range becasue if usage is up in the 50% range or higher this can cause issues with my connection. I have closed all programs running on my computer besides my internet browser when dialed in.

-I have restarted my modem/router for better internet connection before starting my show.


If You Drop a Call


If a call is dropped, please call back in. If unable to call back in after numerous attempts, please let us know immediately at www.blogtalkradio.com/contactus.aspx  If you are a Premium, Plus or Pro customer and it is within regular business hours (10AM-11PM EST, Monday through Thursday or 10AM-10PM EST, Friday through Sunday) please visit us in Live Help, located on your switchboard.


How To Check if You Have a Quality Connection


In order to check whether you have a quality connection, please review call performance by opening your Skype Application, go to  to “Call” -> “Call technical info” in Skype interface while connected to host call to BlogTalkRadio. Once there if your “Packet loss” is more than .02% please hang up and call back in or reset your modem/router.

Last Updated: Nov 14, 2013 03:42PM EST

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